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    CPVC One Step Cement should be purchased when purchasing CPVC pipes and CPVC fittings. The CPVC One Step Cement should be applied using an applicator about half the size of the pipe's diameter. Apply a heavy, even coat of CPVC One Step Cement to the outside of the CPVC pipe end, and then apply a medium coat to the CPVC fitting socket. CPVC Pipe sizes 1-1/4 and above must always receive a second CPVC One Step Cement application on the CPVC pipe end. Moreover, apply the CPVC One Step Cement on the CPVC pipe end, then in the CPVC fitting socket, then again on the CPVC pipe end.

    • Sizes 1 Quart & 1 Pint
    CPVC One Step Cement Specifications

    TF13251 612070 Pint 12 12
    TF13250 612071 Quart 12 12

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