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Thermafit Industries, Inc. has the following quality products: CPVC Fittings, No-Hub Couplings, Grooved Fittings, Copper Pipe, Copper Fittings, Teflon Tape, and much more. Check out our products page for complete product information.

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    Flexible rubber end caps for capping cast iron, steel, PVC, and ABS pipe ends. Sizes 1-1/2" through 4".

    Strong X- Brace - Molded "X" brace and cap protect against head pressure encountered in testing. Axially tapered design distributes and dissipates internal stresses.
    • Sizes 1-1/2" - 4"
    • Strong X-Brace
    • Tough and Reusable
    • Needs No Plastic Liner
    • Tight Fitting Internal Cone
    Tough and Reusable - Fast and easy to use over and over again and withstands rough field handling. 300 Series stainless steel clamps may be tightened or loosened in seconds with a screwdriver or wrench.
    Needs No Plastic Liner - So stong it doesn't need the usual reinforcing plastic disk or liner. So easy to put on and take off that it makes an ideal permanent clean-out. Perfect protection against entery of dirt into pipe plus it resists water and ozone.
    Tight Fitting Internal Cone - Creates a wedge against the pipe's inside, balancing outward strains against the restricting exterior steel bands.
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