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    FM Approval

    State of Massachusetts
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    • Sizes: 1-1/2" - 8"
    • Just Push It On!
    • Easy Installation
    • Made in the USA!

    A unique high pressure coupling has been developed domestically in the United States by ThermaFit Industries (TFI). These couplings are used for joining hubless cast iron pipes and fittings. While retaining the stainless steel shield and clamps of conventional no hub couplings, this new coupling utilizes an innovative gasket designed to allow direct insertion of pipes and fittings into the coupling, without having to separate the gasket from the shield.

    The POC (push-on) coupling was developed using the material and performance specifications contained in ASTM C1277, CISPI 310, and FM 1680, the most common standards for no hub couplings, as well as IAPMO IGC 237-2006, which also embodies some requirements from all those standards. Moreover, slight modifications were made to the gasket dimensions and shape. The gasket is molded from neoprene per ASTM C564. The stainless steel shield and clamps comply precisely with the requirements for conventional couplings.

    IAPMO has successfully tested the POC (push-on) couplings per the protocols of IGC 237-2006, and has issued a regular listing for the couplings. Factory Mutual has also tested and approved the couplings, per the more extensive performance requirements of FM 1680. Testing was performed at both 60 in-lbs and 80 in-lbs torque. In all the testing the POC (push-on) couplings comfortably exceeded the minimum requirements, most importantly in the unrestrained hydrostatic test. IAPMO and Factory Mutual both give the POC couplings a rating of 15 PSI for installation both below and above ground.

    Just Push It On! - Without having to separate the gasket from the shield!
    Easy Installation - Without any difficulties!
    POC -112 650541 1-1/2" 100 N/A
    POC -200 650540 2" 100 N/A
    POC -300 650542 3" 100 N/A
    POC -400 650543 4" 100 N/A
    POC -600 650544 6" N/A N/A
    POC-800 650545 8" N/A N/A
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